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Is Kenya a Safe Holiday Destination?

Is Kenya a safe holiday destination? 

Kenya for years has continued to offer safe and fulfilling holiday safari destinations for thousands and millions of travelers around the World. You will feel the warmth of the hospitality of its citizens. Greetings are a common gesture of good faith and you will find most of the Kenyans say “Jambo!!” with a smile on the face.

As safari experts living in Africa, we take our families for holidays to these amazing destinations. We would never take you to places we wouldn’t tour. We have real and first-hand experience of what happens on the ground and we know destinations to recommend for your dream safari.

In spite of the fact that that there are travel advisory from the American Embassy, U.K, and some of the European Nations on travel to Kenya, the travel advisory is applicable to regions very far East of the country and not related to the touristic attraction areas of interest.

For many years, Americans have always been the leading tourists in Kenya closely followed by U.K among other European nations.

Many travelers have come to Kenya and gone back home feeling happy and felt safe and they have returned again and again.

The foreign currency that comes from the tourism has increased jobs to citizens most of whom are young and youths vulnerable to crime because of poverty. We therefore encourage more visitors to come for safari as it creates jobs and livelihood for many residents.

Welcome to Kenya, It is a safe destination and will be fulfilling to you as a wildlife enthusiast and safari seeker!!

………………………………………………………….Karibu Kenya!!

how much a safari costs

How much an African safari cost

How much an African safari cost is entirely dependent on a variety of items that we include in your safari package. Here we break down to you those factors. African safari costs are varied and range anything from $ 300 per night to $ 2,000 per night.
There are factors that are considered when we come to estimating how much an African safari cost. However, depending on your budget and level of comfort, we are able to tailor-make your safari to meet your expectations.
The Budget safari will cost approximately $ 200 per night, the Mid-range Safari $ 350 per night, the luxury safari $ 900 per night, and Extreme Luxury / Luxury + 3,000 per night.
So, one might wonder, what brings the difference in these costs? Read More “How much an African safari cost”