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Customer Reviews

Tracy V
Tracy V
August 20, 2022.
SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER in KENYA - BOOK WILDTOUCH TOURS As a SOLO FEMALE traveler, I was excited and a bit nervous to travel to Kenya alone. My friend recommended Wildtouch and Peter as my guide. IT WAS AN AWESOME experience. I am so glad I went. After arriving from the US, I stayed at the Sheraton by the airport. Fantastic hotel and food. 5 minutes from Nairobi airport. I set off on my safari with Peter. I did a private tour. We visited 4 locations during my stay. All of the lodges were AMAZING. The food, staff, location, room and WIFI were unbelievable. Peter was the best guide. So knowledgeable and friendly. Peter took me out on game drives and always quickly spotted the animals and plants and made sure I got the best pictures, ever though I had no idea to work my new camera. Driving around in Kenya with Peter playing his favorite Dolly Parton songs is something I will not forget. Peter stopped several times on our routes so I could grab tea, wifi or use a restroom. DO A SAFARI with them. Jacob, the owner, made all my reservations at the lodges, a hot air balloon excursion which was incredible! They are so easy to work with. Jacob called daily to see how I was enjoying the trip. On the last night, I went to dinner with Jacob and Peter before my departure, and honestly the trip was PERFECT. I would go again in a heartbeat. For all the SOLO FEMALE travelers out there- BOOK IT, do not wait. It is a trip of a lifetime.
July 27, 2022.
Plan & Travel with experts Wildtouch Safaris is a reputable company, they are very experience and professional with their services/work. I had an opportunity of travelling with them for a weekend gateway and it was fun. I will definitely plan and book with Jacob again for a family vacation, this time a longer safari.
June 30, 2022.
Kenyan Safari Experts - WOW! We had a phenomenal time with Wildtouch Safari! They were kind, accommodating, detailed, and ensured we enjoyed our experience in Kenya to the full! We stayed for 11 days - and unfortunately, were delayed by 12 hours upon arrival - they handled all of the logistical details and made jumping right into safari, a breeze. Our guide, Peter, was knowledgeable, funny, timely and always available to answer questions. I can't say enough about how great our experience was thanks to Wildtouch.
Lauren R
Lauren R
March 13, 2022.
Truly the trip of a lifetime! All made worry free, adventurous, and so much FUN by Jacob and Peter at Wildtouch!! I’m getting emotional as I write this review because this was truly the most incredible experience of my life. TLDR version: don’t think twice, book this trip with Wildtouch Tours! The Kenyan people are the nicest in the world, and our expectations across the board were far exceeded. Before I start the details I have to also celebrate Peter, our guide. You guys, this is the kindest man on the planet. He’s the driver you want for every reason but especially because he knows every other driver out there and they all love him. That made me feel so safe because it was apparent that even in the middle of absolute nowhere I knew there was a community who, thanks to Peter, all had our backs. Our troops motto was “IN PETER WE TRUST” and for good reason. He always had an eye out for the animals we wanted to see, would stop and ask other drivers what they were seeing to make sure we got the good stuff, and he had the best attitude no matter how early or how late it was. He kept the jeep clean for us daily with plenty of fresh water bottles If we wanted to sleep in, no problem. If we wanted a shorter game drive or longer game drive, no problem. He would say “the time is for you”, so there was never a stress about when or where to be. The time was for us. He was sweet, funny, incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and safe! He would get us real close to some animals but he never let his guard down in case we needed to go. I was nervous being a few feet from giant elephants but after a day of seeing how he operated I never worried again. He made sure we were safe first at all times, even to the point where I asked him to come on the boat ride with us because I know hippos don’t play around, and at that point his presence let me know he’d hold the driver of the boat accountable with our safety, which he did end up doing as we got a little to close to a bunch of big hippos and babies. We got a flat tire with the hot air balloon company at five am and it was Peter who came to change it. Don’t know how he knew or where he came from but he was there. The guide can make or break this experience and Peter MADE IT! In Peter we trust! Details: we were a group of six, and we all had many questions leading up to booking and Jacob was in constant communication for a couple months fielding questions, getting the ideas of our wants, and telling us all the steps to be ready to go, all before we had even paid him! I’m sure the money is great but we could tell early on it was about us and our experience more then anything Jacob. An example is we had an issue with the visas at the airport because delta was being dumb and I was on the phone with Jacob getting new visas processed while still at the delta counter. He was going to make it happen no matter what, even though it all turned out fine. We booked a seven day trip going to Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, and the Masai Mara. Come February we got our visas, travel vaccines, and Covid tests, and we were on our way. It was such a relief knowing all we had to worry about when we got there was money for drinks, souvenirs, GRATUITYS (plan to be generous as the service was amazing everywhere, and plan to be VERY generous with your guide because what they do for you on this trip is above and beyond in every way possible), and any excursions you want to take. We did all three offered on our trip: the trip to the masai village, the hippo boat ride on lake Naivasha, and the hot air balloon ride over the Mara. We landed in Nairobi, and were met at the airport by a driver to take us to a nearby hotel. The following morning we were met by Jacob and our guide for the week Peter. After or orientation we were off! I loved the drives to and from the parks because we got to see so much of the Kenyan people, towns, and landscape. Amboseli was fantastic , giant elephants, herds of zebras, and my favorite was the monkeys and baboons who lived at our hotel. Gorgeous cold pool, massages, game drives, and the masai village in Amboseli. Next was lake Naivasha. Gorgeous lodge, great food, hobbit style buildings that we slept in, hippos, and Topi’s in the back yard, and a night walking safari to see the giraffe and zebras in the front yard. It was INSANE! The boat ride is a must, the lake is spooky and cool. Soooo many hippos, pelicans, and storks. My only regret from the whole trip was not staying there an extra day. Masai Mara, another gorgeous pool where you can hear the hippos talking from the nearby river. The river view was incredible, we saw a hippo take down a croc from the comfort of the bar balcony! Lions, foxes, Pumbas, hyenas, giraffe, topi’s, Cape buffalo, all the incredible birds, meerkats, mongooses, ostrich’s, a freaking leopard in a tree with her fresh kill, we saw it all! On the ride back to Nairobi Peter took us to a look out to see the Great Rift Valley. He took us to plenty of curio shops to get all of the most incredible souvenirs too. Jacob met us at dinner that night in Nairobi and we shared our experiences and he was so happy to heard we’d had an amazing time. The two of them dropped us off at the airport and tears were had by all in having to say our goodbyes. WORTH EVERY PENNY
Larry S
Larry S
October 19, 2021.
Incredible time in Kenya with Wildtouch I can't say enough things about Jake and Pete with Wild Touch. We booked a 12-night Kenya trip with Jake and Wildtouch Tours though Joan Shelly with Travel Dreams with Sue and Joan ( Jake created a personalized, custom safari tour for me, my wife, and two of our friends. We experienced Nairobi, the Samburu, Lake Naivasha, The Ark, Sweetwater Serena, and the Maasai Mara! We fed giraffes, pet a blind rhinoceros, slept on the Equator, danced with the Maasai, ate at the world famous Carnivore, and saw every bit of wildlife we could imagine! Jake tended to every need and made sure that we felt welcome, safe, and at ease. He even took care to organize two outdoor picnics that really made us feel special. I highly recommend Wildtouch Tours and Travel for your African adventure!!!
Brian M
Brian M
January 16, 2020.
The Ark Aberdares Great family trip over to the Aberdares organised by Jacob Munene of Wildtouch Tours. Great experience seeing all 2 of the big animals Rhino and Elephant. I cant wait to be back
Divya Patel
Divya Patel
December 10, 2019.
Incredibe Safari Tour - thank you Wildtouch and Jacob! Where can I begin? The safari holiday I went on this year with my husband was fantastic. If you are looking for a professional, respectful, welcoming and friendly safari operator- you have found one! From the initial communication months prior to our trip to the very last day of our trip, Jacob was incredible in organising our trip and catering to our every need. His level of service and communication was so brilliant, which is no surprise as after meeting him it is so clear that he is a hardworking, professional and lovely man. I came across Wild Touch Tours online and after contacting dozens of companies, not only was their price reasonable, Jacob stood out from all the rest. We were able to connect over Whatsapp shortly and used this for months to plan our trip. Through my many of messages, questions and changes in itinerary he always stayed professional, helpful and polite. We were greeted by Jacob at the start of our safari trip and also met him for lunch on the last day. Throughout this he communicated with us and if there were any problems which weren't even his fault (weather or traffic) he tried to make amends and accommodate us. The safari was truly spectacular and was catered to what we wanted to see and our budget. We went from Nairobi- Amboseli- Nakuru- Masai- Navaisha- Nairobi. Each place we stayed was fantastic and our driver also was great. Jacob gave us options for every place such as extra tours, hot air ride and a boat ride. None of this was forceful and everything was to our needs. Jacob also took time out to remind and assist us with visas, things to do in Nairobi and general travel tips. He treated us like friends and I am so happy that we met him. Thank you Jacob and if you ever visit London please get in touch. We will hopefully go back to organise another trip with him. I wish you all the best Jacob in your company. We both thank you again for a trip of a lifetime. Divya and Monil JACOB MUNENE: +254711266842
March 29, 2019.
AMAZING Our safari to Maasai Mara was absolutely amazing, the customer service from wildtouch Tours and Travel was second to none, thumbs up to one Jacob Munene for exceeding our expectations.
March 29, 2019.
Amazing Christmas Holiday My booking with wildtouch tours & travel was done by jacob who did a perfect job. He took to consideration our taste and the type of hotel(crater lake naivasha) and gave us a good rate for the same. Thank you jacob and wildtouch tours & travel. We shall be booking with on our next holiday. I highly reccomend wildtouch tours & travel.
March 27, 2019.
amazing trip with wild touch tours and travels we visited kenya in the september and october 18, and booked the entire trip with wild touch tours and is safe to say that we had the best experience that we could have asked for, and it really was the dream safari that we were hoping for. we visited ol pejeta and the mara, and the booking, transport and internal flights were all handled very professionally by jacob.thanks jacob for a wonderful holiday.I would have no hesitation in recommending jacob and his company for a wonderful african safari!!
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