Rwanda commonly referred to as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, is a country well known for an unforgettable safari experience – Gorilla trekking safaris. The mountain gorillas are seen in their natural habitat at Virunga Mountain in the bamboo vegetation zone. Chimpanzees and golden monkeys can also be seen in this vegetation zone.

The best time to visit Rwanda has to be between the months of June to September. This is basically the dry season. Rainfall is little to none. The temperatures are cool and with no rainfall in the mountains, you will find it easy to trek through the forest and the trek trails are less slippery.
Rwanda's climate is averagely warm with cool nights because of the altitude. The dry season in Rwanda is from June to August. July is the driest month. The Wet season starts from November to May. January and February are the drier months in the middle of the wet season. Dry Season - June, July, & August – the Eastern part of the country is warmer at 28°C/82°F. The mountain climate at the Volcanoes is colder with temperatures of 17°C/62°F. We recommend that you pack warm. Wet Season - September - this month has some days of the dry season and also marks the beginning of the wet season. - October, November & December – this is the short rainy season. Temperatures are low at Nyungwe and the Volcanoes day time has recorded temperatures of 19°C/66°F and 15°C/ 60°F respectively - January & February – these months tend to experience a dry spell within the middle of the wet season - March, April & May – these months experience long rains. In Nyungwe and Volcanoes, it can rain for days.
Rwanda is best known for its primate safari. It is home to the endangered Mountain Gorilla seen in three countries. Coming into contact with these gentle giants is a thrilling and unforgettable experience you have to experience. You will also see chimpanzees and golden monkeys in the Virunga Mountains. Akagera’s savannah plains teeming with wildlife, including giraffes, buffalo, zebra, and defassa waterbuck. Lions are never far away either.
You can get to Rwanda by flying directly into the country. Their capital city Kigali is the main capital where you find the main airport Kigali International Airport (KGL) All visitors need a passport for entry into Rwanda. A Visa must be obtained through the government website A yellow fever certificate is required to enter Rwanda. We pick up our guests from the main airport and organize all transport logistics that consist of your safari.



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